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What can I say about myself... I'm Nina, 22, I'm Georgian (not US, but Europe!) I get annoyed when ppl call me Russian, even though I was born there. I lived in states for awhile and now I'm in England... I know random huh?! I love partying (being eastern european VODKA runs through my veins!). I have an alter-ego that can be summoned through too much alcohol consumption. She's called Messy Mary.. and ppl say she's a Terror.. That's where my name comes from! I love animals, especially unicorns! I also have a weird obsession with rifles and chainsaws. I own AK47 replica (Best birthday present I ever got!) and a pink chainsaw (christmas prezie).. Hey You never know when there's a next zombie outbreak!!! Check out my site for more:
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Name: Nina Terror
Age: 27
From: Bolton/Manchester
Height: 5'8
Orientation: straight
Job: Model
First Gig: Some random russian underground rapper!
Best Gig: Senses fail =]
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Piecings: 7 x ear piercings, 1 x 10 mm ear stretching, 1 x navel piercing, 1 x labret piercing.
my favs
Movies: bad horror flicks
TV: Anime+kiddie tv+russian mtv
Books: Mostly Fantasy, Fiction + Western philosopy
Bar/Pub: Satan's Hollow in Manchester
Bands: Escape the Fate, drop dead gorgeous, suicide silence, parkway drive, a day to remember, and loads more! and also some russian hardcore
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Link - Sleepytime 1347 days ago

Link - Sleepytime 1347 days ago

2 more hours of work, then gym, then raccoon snuggles! 1350 days ago

I hate Mondays grrrrrrr 1358 days ago

Well hello hangover... someone plz bring me some breakfast n fresh orange juice n ill love u forever :) 1360 days ago

Night night everyone, early night.... chasing my mischievous lil racking tired me out *yawn* 1363 days ago

Inception was sooooooo amazing, loved the ending 1363 days ago

Goin to see inception with miss larissa today yay :) 1363 days ago

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29th Apr
Hey guyz and girliez, Not blogged on here for awhile so thought I'd drop by and say hi :)) Been really busy partying and shooting new stuff for my site, make sure to check it out at Also had a really cool shoot the other day so thought I'd share all the piccies with you :) Let me know what you guys think ;) and make sure to drop by more...
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on 29th Oct
Wowee!!!!!!!!!!!! Im dying to c ur beautiful sexy hot body uncovered
Anna Boo on 17th Aug
i was there ;)
LA on 1st Apr
^.^ Auuuhmazing! <333